Managed Care Contract Checklist

Here's our playbook for managed care contracting. Download to improve reimbursements for orthopedic procedures.



Managed care contracts can be incredibly complex, but they are a critical component for financial success. Small changes in your managed care contracts can have a big impact on your revenue, especially for orthopedic procedures.

If you’re looking to “manage” your managed care contracts, we’ve put together a Managed Care Contract Checklist in our eBook:

The Financial Impact of Managed Care Contracting in Orthopedics

Establishing best practices for managed care contracts is the first step in determining if orthopedic procedures are financially beneficial for your ASC.

What's Inside?


Learn the evolution of orthopedics in the outpatient setting and the projected growth in the ASC market from today through 2028.


National Medical’s Managed Care Contract Checklist: eight steps to achieve financial success when adding orthopedic procedures, such as total joints, to your service line.


Access to additional orthopedic resources for ASCs, including orthopedic webinars focused on revenue growth and investment opportunities.

The ASC Association lists orthopedics as the most common specialty for ambulatory surgery centers nationwide because these procedures bring in more revenue than any other specialty and provide cost savings for patients and insurance providers. Improving revenue cycle efficiency while adding orthopedic procedures to generate additional revenue can be a juggling act for established ASCs and emerging outpatient surgery centers. Without current and complete payer contracts, the maximum return on your investment will always be out of reach.

 Download The Financial Impact of Managed Care Contracting in Orthopedics to learn how to achieve higher reimbursements and maximize your surgery center's profitability.